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What Is A Turkish E-Visa?

A Turkish E-Visa is a form of visa that permits entry to Turkey.

An E-Visa offers an alternative to those who would have to attain a visa in physical form at an embassy or at a port of entry.

The purpose of a Turkish E-Visa is to allow to holder to gain access to Turkey. E-Visas offer an alternative solution to carrying the paperwork involved with a physical visa, as well as making the application process easier. This is done by ensuring the entire process is done electronically.

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Are You Required To Have An E-Visa To Travel To Turkey?

To enter Turkey you are sometimes required to have a visa, depending on your nationality. An E-Visa is just one of the potential options available to nationals of certain countries.


Which Countries Nationals Are Eligible For A Turkish E-Visa?

Nationals of the following countries are eligible for a Turkish E-Visa, on the provision they meet the necessary requirements to enter the country:

Is E-Visa The Best Option For You?

When it comes to working out whether an E-Visa is the best option for you, it is important to take into account your own personal circumstances. For example an E-Visa may not be for you if you want to visit for more than 90 days consecutively, or if you are not on the list of accepted countries.

Alternatively, it may not be for you if you want to visit for long term business plans or for living. However, for those wanting a short term holiday or business trip from one of the available countries, it is the ideal option.

An E-Visa is designed mainly for tourism and short term trade. It allows tourists to come and go from Turkey without stress during the 90 day period of the visa, letting them see more of the country. This helps Turkey economically through tourism and allows visitors to get the most out of their travelling experience.

Turkey E-Visa fact sheet:

  • Tourism purposes
  • Stay up to 90 days
  • Valid for 180 days
  • Easy application process


This website offers commercial services to apply for an E-Visa to Turkey. You can also apply through the Turkish Government website where you will be charged a fee. If you decide to apply for your visa through our service we will add a service fee to the base government fee to cover the costs for our provided services. Before ordering, check our fees and included services on this page.


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